10 ways to comfort someone

acknowledge their position explore their feelings with them absolve them of blame for their circumstance (if appropriate). “You didn’t deserve this.” “We can only do so much.” reassure them it’s okay to express their feelings. It’s important for encourage them to elaborate and feel the feelings allow them to tell the story associated with their …

How To Get Out of Your Own Way

Why is it important? Interrupt the intellectualization & justification process of our mind to tune into your emotional state The problem is not thinking ourselves; it’s mind wandering and distorted thoughts Higher opportunity or higher threat will be automatically grab our attention Meditation increases attention Quieting our mind allows us to register even more information …

15 Mindfulness Tools

Like many people, I prefer using mindfulness tools in my daily practice rather than meditation. Focusing your attention on a mindful activity at a time can be beneficial to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

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